Coming in 2022: The Bolivian Incident, Hollis Whittaker Book II.

Coming July 2022.

What they're saying about Hollis Whittaker

…keeps you fighting sleep at 1 in the morning as you turn pages. Caroline McCullagh, Mensa Bulletin

…a clever, fast moving, engaging modern day adventure with well-developed characters and plot engaging the reader from the get-go. Jack Hickey, The Irish Echo

Shanahan’s prose is on target throughout, carrying the pursuit-driven story forward as smooth as a bullet’s trajectory…. Get it. —  Kirkus Reviews

This first novel by CB Shanahan is a triumph of artistry, energy, and inspiration. The author’s treatment of the tactile and the metaphysical are deftly brewed into a rollicking, time-bending escapade that pulls one headfirst through every space and corner. As someone who has taught this genre for fifty years, I highly recommend Hollis Whittaker to anyone who enjoys a well-crafted, compelling adventure tale. —  Steve Romanoff, Professor Emeritus and singer-songwriter

★★★★★: Hollis Whitaker is one of my favorite books of the year… a five-star fun book,  highly recommended for the excellent writing, drama and education too. — John O'Brien, Jr., Ohio Irish American News

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★★★★★: Superb arc… fabulous story… exciting novel… climactic and intriguing finale. — Susan Sewell, Readers' Favorite

★★★★★: If you love action, mystery, and a bit of sci-fi, then this is a great read (12 and up). — Libby Page, goodreads

Action thriller, mystery story, adventure yarn, friendship and bonding, science/supernatural fiction? You decide. It's all there. In fact, it would make a heckuva movie or mini-series!   My highest Recommendation! — Seamus Kennedy, Co-Author of Clean Cabbage In The Bucket

★★★★★: I Enjoyed everything about this book. There was nothing I didn't like about the book. — Nicole Bannister, NetGalley

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Hollis Whittaker by CB Shanahan

Available now; audio book coming

Introducing CB Shanahan's debut novel, Hollis Whittaker, the story of a ten-year-old boy on the run from the government and the ancient Navajo medallion he found that has made him a target.Inspired by Shanahan's love for quirky thrillers and a penchant for science, Hollis Whittaker follows Hollis and his best friend Kirby Cooper-Quinn as they team up with a reluctant protector, Cha’Risa, a Navajo woman whose family were keepers of the Níłch'i, an artifact of untold power once stolen from her people. Together, they are racing to deliver the Níłch'i to Cha’Risa's grandfather, the only one who may be able to unlock its secrets.The fifth graders are cast into a dangerous world where every step could mean the difference between life and death and their best shot at safety is from a woman they're not sure they can trust.Hollis Whittaker is published by Encircle Publications and will be available for purchase in June 2020 on Encircle's website,, and Barnes and Noble.

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Lost since WWII

When ten-year-old Hollis Whittaker stumbles upon a medallion on the edges of a stream, he begins exhibiting signs of brilliance, eventually discovering the solar system’s Planet X, and astounding the astronomical community. The awkward, overweight fifth grader with heart problems is an instant sensation, but all is not well. The genius-making medallion bonds to only one person for life and the U.S. government has been searching for it since World War II, which means they’re prepared to kill Hollis to exploit its power.

After a thwarted hit job by two military agents, the boy treks cross-country with the aid of his best friend Kirby and a Navajo woman, Cha’Risa, whose family possessed the medallion more than seventy years ago. They are hoping her aged grandfather will be able to help. Unfortunately, the whole country believes she has kidnapped the boys and the agents who tried to kill him have the system on their side.
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CB Shanahan

CB Shanahan earned many awards as a journalist and spent twenty-two years on the road as a folksinger. He has a bachelor's degree in English Literature with a minor in Philosophy and is a member of Mensa. Born in Ireland, he now lives in New Hampshire with the love of his life, plays music in his spare time, and loves to travel.